Amazing Lion and mouse Optical Illusion

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chances are slim that you could spot another animal’s face in this picture on your left. Yet, apart the animal king there is another, more insignificant animal hiding there. Before you check the solution below, I can give you a little hint: the illusion works in a quite similar way the Hidden Owl Illusion did. This should be more than enough for you.

As there is not much more to say about this funny flick, I’ll update you with some site concerning news. If you noticed, apart from translating the iGoogle gadget, we updated both Yahoo and Windows widgets as well. You can get the from here if you’re interested in recent changes. Even though there weren’t any major tweaks, it’s just they should be more stable now, plus I’ve added some design changes. Go ahead, try them and report what you think.

On the personal level, I’m constantly getting hit by additional offline and online tasks. To keep with this pressure, I’m going to invest more energy in hiring additional helpers for Mighty Optical Illusions. Don’t worry, nothing will change from your view, except maybe more illusions and new technical options :) Enjoy today’s illusion, and check the solution part below: