25 Awesome visually stimulating eyes Optical Illusions

Monday, May 7, 2012
George Bush or Monkeys Swimming in a Marsh?
Is the Ladder Going Up or Down?
How Many Legs Does This Elephant Have?
Definitely a head... Maybe a tree.
Weird Portrait. Count the number of faces.
Compare from close and far. Angry person changes.
How many eyes do you see on this Asian lass?

Read ABC and then read 12,13,14.
Count the number of horses in the picture.
Wheels or lumps of smoke appear to move.
Catching a bus or just got eaten by a giant shark?
Is this just a watermelon or a real face?
Count the number of black dots. 4? 5?
Duck is easy to see. How about a rabbit?
Increase Distance Away Until Readable
BigSmudge.com Logo? Vinnie? Could be a towel.
3 identical cars appear to be 3 different sizes.
Taking a dump, driving a truck and working at the same time
Peninsula or Horse's Head?
Coolest skull grill.
Parallel lines or on a slope?
Old or Young Woman?