Amazing BMW Art Made Out Of Stone

Monday, May 7, 2012
A BMW Z4 made out of stone, just hangin' out, just chillin' Our fellow M-Coupist and world traveller Eric Brum was walking along Beijing's art district when, from far away, he spotted a BMW Z4 Coupe sporting what he thought was an unusual wrap.What a weird idea, wrapping a car to make it look like the concrete buildings around it, sort of an automotive Liu Bolin he must have thought.

As he got closer however, Eric found the truth even stranger: the BMW was entirely made out of stone and mortar, complete with interior and windows!

Of course. Naturally. Why wouldn't it be? You know what's really weird, though? It has a full interior. More pics below.

What do you call this stuff? Is that real brick-and-mortar work, or is it just cement made to look like something else? Why was it built? What's with the windows? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Life, your mysteries amaze me. Quick, Beijing — I need a stone Porsche 917K and a DAF made out of PVC pipe. Go!