Beautiful Comic Book Inspired Vector Artwork

Monday, May 7, 2012
Ever since I was a child I have been a fan of comic books. In October of 2009, I wrote a post titled: CG Artwork: Superheroes and Villains. In that post I assembled some amazing examples of superheros and villains created in CG. In this post you will see some beautifully designed comic book inspired vector artwork created by talented artists from around the globe. Hopefully one of these creations will inspire you to create your own amazing design. Enjoy!

Spiderman - morning swinger by Simon Gough

Deadpool by Gio Puno
Breezy Day by Stanley Lau
painting by Christian Nauck
Wonder Woman by ratscape

Batman vs. Superman by Simon Gough

Galactus by witchking08

Iron Man 26 cover coloured by Simon Gough

painting by Christian Nauck

Big Bot by lordmesa
Nika by Mario Wibisono

Captain America Geo by Jamie Roberts

I Am Iron Man by lordmesa

Girl Wonder by lordmesa

IronMan - Granov redub by Simon Gough

Real American Heroes, Vol. I by MA3L33

Cyclops Geo by Jamie Roberts

Colossus coloured by Simon Gough

Supergirl 02 by Brainforsale

Fantastic Four - First Family by Simon Gough

transformers cover by strongstuff


Iron Man by djace1121Daredevil n' Black Widow by Simon Gough

Grimlock by lordmesa

Murdock by Simon Gough

Daniel Dume Poster 1 by Cristiano Siqueira

La Reina 3D by lordmesa

Ms. Marvel by ratscape

Prime Time by lordmesa
Flash by lordmesa

Real American Heroes, Vol. II by MA3L33

the Rocketeer by lordmesa

Tank Girl by akugyouza

Spiderman by dsgncore

The Jokers Gamble coloured by Simon Gough

Boy Wonder by lordmesa

Batgirl Ink by Baldwin

Wonder Woman 2 by ratscape
BatMan Vektor by Psikophat

Darth Maul by witchking08

Cannonball by witchking08
DJ Shwann commission by Simon Gough
Penitence by Simon Gough
Stormshadow by Simon Gough