Awesome Till Eulenspiegel Optical Illusion

Monday, May 7, 2012
I had this one on my computer for couple of months, until I finally decided to share it with you. I know I’m about to be flamed, but in my mind the optical illusion present puts “decency question” in second plan. Hope I haven’t offended anyone. Anyway, what you see below is a somewhat naughty ad for a theater play. In the first plan there is an image of Till Eulenspiegel wearing a jester hat. The lady behind the board is doing something, but you can’t be really sure what, can you? The two combined show a funny result. Till Eulenspiegel was an impudent trickster figure, who originated in the German folklore and was disseminated in popular printed editions. He made his entrance in English-speaking culture in nineteenth century, but was first mentioned in English Literature by Ben Jonson in his comedy play “The Alchemist”. General opinion now tends to regard Till Eulenspiegel as an entirely imaginary figure around whose name was gathered a cycle of tales popular in the Middle Ages. You can find more of this character on Wikipedia.