40 Amazing Examples of Smoke Art and Photo Manipulation

Monday, May 7, 2012
Smoke art is a set of techniques to create artworks transforming the smoke in different ways. If you're good to manage Photoshop photo manipulation techniques, you can turn the smoke to unimaginable objects. For example, create smoke rose, smoke wolves and many others. You can also use hazy artworks in the advertisement creation, to impart mystical mood, and of course they can be very effectively used in anti smoking ads. Therefore for your inspiration in this post we collect 40 very creative and fascinating examples of smoke art. After you appreciate these works, go to DeviantArt, download free smoke stocks and try to create your own artwork. By the way on psd.tutsplus you can check very cool Photoshop tutorial "Manipulate Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images " that can helps you learn smoke photo manipulation techniques.

Smoke Mirrior by Designerkratos

Smoke Hand by CodyBuddy

Going to Light Bulb Heaven by Oilcorner

Peace by Arian-1991

:: Halucination :: by Liek

Smoke by Renutheartist

Smoke Playing by Floriandra

Smoke Boy by TomGonets

Smoke by Dsauio

Smoke Demon by XxR3zD3ViLxX

Smoke 1 by Mrwells

Manipulate Smoke by Marcinko85

Smoke Lady by Desperadofromhell

Smoke Dress by S1yk

She's The Smoke... by IceCreamSprinkle

Smoke Angel by Eaross

Smoke Up Some Vodka by WFloW

Smoke Art by NeoSH

Smoke Dragon by Insane-nity

Exhausted by Mignonne Meekels

Tulips In To The Light Smoke by Platon Ivantsov

Resolution by Marcel Pirosca

War by Marcelo Vaz

Smoke And Ashes by Sam Moshaver

Freedom by Danielle Kasony

Poltergeist by Justin Otte, Kode Logic

Steam Machine by Matthias Baeuerle

Smokes Wolves by TomGonets

Scary Smoke by Lumendipity

Darklord (Smoke "Art") by 'PixelPlacebo'

Smoke In a Glass by Whisperwolf

Smoke Abstract, Rose by Herman Au