Awesome and amazing A4 paper Sculpture Art

Friday, December 25, 2009
Artist Peter Callesen proves he is a cut above the rest with these dainty models made using glue, a scalpel - and just one sheet of A4 paper.

Peter, 41, cuts intricate patterns from a white sheet of paper and uses the cutout to fold breathtaking designs such as skeletons, insects and buildings.

The precision work transforms a piece of paper worth only a few pence into a piece of art that sells for £2,800.

Each model takes up to two weeks to sketch, cut and fold.

If Peter makes a wrong cut or realises he is unable to achieve the fold he wanted he has to rethink his design and start the painstaking work again.

Peter likes his models to tell a story and believes transforming a flat piece of paper into a three-dimension model is a 'magical process'.

He said: 'Some of the small paper cuts relate to a universe of fairy tales and romanticism.

'Others are small dramas in which small figures are lost within and threatened by the huge powerful nature.'

Others again are turning the inside out, or letting the front and the back of the paper meet - dealing with impossibility, illusions, and reflections.'

Peter, from Copenhagen, Denmark, likes to use A4 paper in his work because people use it widely in the home and office and can easily relate to it.

He said: 'I find the A4 sheet of paper interesting to work with because it is probably the most common media for carrying information today.
'By removing all the information and starting from scratch using blank white A4 paper I feel I have found a material which we all are able to relate to.

'The thin white paper gives the paper sculptures a fragility which underlines the tragic and romantic theme of the works.'

Peter has held a number of exhibitions around the world including London, New York and Seoul.

He is represented by the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York, United States, and the Helene Nyborg Contemporary in Copenhagen, Denmark.