Awesome Hurry Up Art done with Bones

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Hurry Up, a piece that out-paced Fail Harder in hours spent is currently on display in the W+K Lobby (224 NW 13th Ave in Portland). An intimate reception was held on January 4th and the show will be on display through the end of the month.

The process began by sculpting pink insulation with hack saws and electric carving knives. After that, we covered them in a thick layer of plaster.
We chiseled, filed, and sanded until the plaster was smooth, then added additional plaster for details. The color was an inaccurate amalgum of coffee, white and ocher paints, tea, gel medium, sand and dirt. One more round of sanding, and they were ready to hang.
Suspended from 25 foot crossbeams, the bones were hung with fishing line fed through eyelets. (Minimal) kerning and leading later, we were done. No one but Bernie and I will know how slow the Hurry Up process actually was. Kind of nice that way.