Amazing Liquid Droplet Art Photography

Thursday, January 14, 2010
While the water flow looks definitely mesmerizing in high-speed photography, the fall of individual droplets, one after another, can also produce fascinating effect:

Dynamics of the Droplet's Fall
In these shots we can trace the physics of water's flow in an individual caplet form, which seem to be quite complex:

In the wake of the fluid fish, a regular array of drops obtains, the number and spacing of which is determined by the pinch-off of the fishbones.
In Your Face!
Liquid Art's often used in promotional and advertisement photography:

Droplets Potpourri
The Universe reflected in a single drop, or a necklace of droplets:

Speaking of droplets and bubbles, one of their most artistic representation must be a series by Linda. Here is one example:
Most of the effects presented here have explanation in water's surface tension. Soap bubbles, especially of the huge variety, demonstrate this force most clearly:

Fluid Chains and Fishbones
A stable fluid chain.
The instability generated by increasing flow rate, as seen with the naked eye.
The same instability visualized with a strobe lamp.

Asymmetrically colliding jets

Droplets form from the sheet rims but remain attached to the fluid sheet by tendrils of fluid that thin and eventually break. The resulting flow takes the form of fluid fishbones, with the fluid sheet being the fish head and the tendrils its bones. Increasing the flow rate serves to broaden the fishbones.
Droplet pinch-off